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The Claim Process

Depending on the type of your car insurance policy, listed below, you can follow these steps:

  •     Third-party
  •     Own-damage
  •     Theft

If a third-party suffers a loss due to your car, you must immediately inform your insurance company and the police. In case, another vehicle causes damage to your car or property , then note down the insurance details of the third-party vehicle. You will then have to inform their insurer. The insurer will then transfer the matter to a tribunal. This tribunal then decides the compensation for the loss occurred. The insurance company then pays money as a compensation accordingly.

In the case of any damage to your car, you must inform your insurance company within a week. If you delay the claim, the insurer could reject your claim. This is because the metal parts can corrode if exposed for a long time. This can increase the cost of repair.
Once informed, your insurer appoints an independent surveyor to examine the vehicle. The surveyor then ascertains the reason and the extent of the loss. This can happen either at the accident spot or at the garage before it gets repaired. After a careful examination of the state of the car, an insurer sends an approval/rejection of the claim. Meanwhile, you can take the car to the garage for repair or ask your insurer to do so. If your claim is approved, you will be paid or compensated for the loss.

If your car is stolen, the first thing you must do is, inform your insurer and the police. You will have to submit documents such as the copy of your car’s registration certificate, your driving license, FIR from the police, etc. Some insurers also ask for the car keys.
If the police cannot locate the car within a reasonable time period, it issues a  on-traceable certificate. Such a certificate allows your insurer to proceed towards the settlement of your claim.

The insurer will then pay you the current market price of the car. If you have taken an Return to Invoice cover, then the amount will be equal to the car’s purchase value.