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2 Wheeler Insurance

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Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Policy copy of your two wheeler insurance will be issued immediately online
  • Give your motorbike claim servicing at 1700+ network garages across India.
  • Co-passengers can avail optional personal accident cover
  • Avail no claim bonus on renewals if the same service was not utilized in the previous policy period.
  • Transfer all No Claim Bonus (NCB) benefits when shifting your motor insurance policy.
  • Recognised Automobile Association members can get 5% discount
  • 2.5% discount for ARAI approved anti theft device in your vehicle.
  • Avail add-on covers for electrical and non-electrical items.


What is covered

  • Loss or Damage to your vehicle against Natural Calamities
  • Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, rockslide.Loss or Damage to your vehicle against Man-made Calamities, Burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act, accident by external means, terrorist activity, any damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air
  • Personal Accident Cover Coverage of Rs 1 Lakh for the individual owner/driver of the vehicle while driving or travelling, mounting or dismounting from the two wheeler. Optional personal accident covers for co-passengers available.
  • Third Party Legal Liability Protection against legal liability due to accidental damages resulting in the permanent injury or death of a person, and damage caused to the surrounding property.

What is not covered

  • Normal wear and tear and general ageing of the vehicle.
  • Depreciation or any consequential loss.
  • Mechanical/ electrical breakdown.
  • Wear and tear of consumables like tyres and tubes unless the vehicle is damaged at the same time, in which case the liability of the company shall be limited to 50% of the cost of replacement.
  • Vehicles being used otherwise than in accordance with limitations as to use.
  • Damage to/ by a person driving any vehicles without a valid license.
  • Damage to/ by a person driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs or liquor.
  • Loss/ damage due to war, mutiny or nuclear risk

Two Wheeler Insurance in Greater Noida

Buying a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy is crucial for all two-wheeler owners. The insurance is meant for keeping the vehicle and owner secure against various damages caused by natural and man-made calamities, including acts of terrorism. If you own a two wheeler, buying this policy will help you keep from the impact of damages incurred due to personal accident, theft, third party liability and a lot more. It is important to keep your two-wheeler secure and the best way to do this is to buy an insurance plan.

Some tips to help you:
For motorbikes, you can choose from a variety of these available on the market, these days. This is possible if you keep certain factors in mind:


Why do you want to buy the insurance plan? What are your requirements? First, you need to prepare a list of your insurance requirements. Jot down all the benefits that you wish to enjoy via buying this plan.

Type of vehicle

This is definitely something that will determine your decision and that of insurance company’s when approving loan for you. It will also influence the premium amount charged by the company.

How do you drive?

Have you ever been caught drunk and driving? Did you ever get tickets for accidents or rash driving? These incidents will influence your two wheeler insurance premium. Additionally, if you have joined a bike riding school, the insurance company will consider you as a safe driver and offer less premium amount.

Additional Security is not Important

Having a two wheeler insurance policy does not mean immunity from accidents, various unforeseen situations, and their impact. You can still get hurt or damage your bike. An insurance plan will support you financially under such situations. It won’t save you fromgetting hurt in an accident. Hence, it is crucial to drive safely, wear a helmet and take extra care for your personal security.

Personal Accident Cover Coverage

The cover is offered under situations where the individual owner or driver of the vehicle mounts or dismounts from the two wheeler while driving or travelling. You can also get optional personal accident covers for co-passengers.

Third Party Legal Liability Protection

This is one of the most important cover facilities available for bike riders. The cover is available against legal liability due to accidental damages resulting in the permanent injury, death of a person, and damage caused to the surrounding property. It is crucial to understand the details of this cover via referring to the policy documents and reading the terms and conditions carefully.