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Why Its Important

Why Automobile Insurance Is Important ?

Just imagine what a world without motor insurance would be like.

First of all, people who are at fault in accidents would be paying money to the accident victims out of their wages and other income for years to come.

Those who have been injured in an accident at no fault of their own are entitled to have their medical bills, vehicle repairs, and other expenses paid by the insurance of the person who was at fault.

If the person at fault does not have insurance, then they do have to pay those expenses out of their pocket. Many people have been known to lose major assets because they did not pay the minimal cost of having auto insurance to prevent such losses.

Car insurance protects you from personal liability should you be in an accident. Aside from the legal requirements, this is the main reason you want car insurance. If you are in an accident and you are at fault you can be held personally responsible for the costs of medical bills if a person is injured and major monetary awards if a person is killed. These costs can all but ruin most families.

Why is Car Insurance Important?: Know the Basics

Many different types of car insurance policies are available depending on the type of coverage you want. For example, if you want full coverage, you can opt to protect yourself against physical harm, fire, and theft. The insurance broker or agent through which you decide to purchase your insurance can help you choose the appropriate policy for both your budget and your own personal needs.

Your payment is the insurance premium. The premium can be paid monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually, depending on the payment arrangements you have made with your insurance company. Many factors determine the amount of your insurance premium. These include:

  •     Occupation
  •     Age
  •     Driving history
  •     Sex
  •     Distance you drive
  •     Type of car you drive

In addition, depending on the type of car insurance that you have, your vehicle can be repaired or replaced, thus saving you the out of pocket expense of replacing it yourself.

The last reason for having car insurance has to do with repair of the other vehicle if you hit someone. As you know, vehicle repairs can be very expensive. If you are shown to be at fault in an accident you may be required to pay for the repairs or the replacement of the vehicle that you hit. Again, this is money that has to come out of your pocket.

How does a No Claim Bonus affect my claim process?

A no claim bonus discourages small claims.

If you do not make a claim in an active policy year, you get a No Claim Bonus. Such a bonus entitles you to a discount on your premium amount when you renew your policy. This discount can scale up to 50 percent.

You can avoid making small claims. This helps you reduce your cost of insurance.

However, if the loss is huge, you must do some calculations and then go for the right option. For example, let’s say your premium is Rs 10,000. Your second year’s NCB is 20%. Meaning, your premium reduces by Rs 2,000. Now, the repairs cost you around Rs 3,500. Of this, you pay a compulsory deductible of Rs 1,000. This means the insurance company will only pay Rs 2,500 if you claim. In this case, you could save Rs 2,000 in the future if you pay Rs 2,500 from your pocket today. But it does not make sense. The cost-benefit does not work out in your favour. Had the discount been higher, then you could have considered paying from your own pocket.