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7 Important Questions to Ask Before Buying Auto Insurance
Here are some questions you should ask the customer care executive before subscribing to a policy.

#1 What is my car’s IDV?

If you can negotiate well, you may be able to land a lower premium, but that could come at the cost of the vehicle’s insured declared value (IDV). Insist on higher IDV with best possible premium amount.

#2 What is the voluntary deductible limit?

Deductibles are the expenses you have to pay out of your pocket before the insurer pays the claim amount. There are usually two types of deductibles: compulsory and voluntary.
In case of a claim, you have to dig your pockets for a huge payment, both compulsory and voluntary. Avoid this clause.

#3 Should I disclose previous claims history?

If you don’t disclose details of previous claims real problem will arise when you place a claim. Your new insurer will contact the previous insurance company to check your claims history. A discrepancy in information may cause rejection of your claims. While agents will promptly suggest ways to lower your premium amount, it’s the policyholder who will suffer the most if the claim is rejected.

#4 What about add-on covers?

The insurance agent will first quote a premium, after factoring in the cost of add-ons, like personal accident cover for the passengers, roadside breakdown assistance, and loss of personal items.
 If you insist, the agent will uncheck the add-on covers and that will lower your premium amount. Think again, before striking them off from the list.

#5 Will I get any discount?

Most of the major car insurance companies give discounts. And most insurance agents pass on available discounts to clients. So don't worry about them. But ensure that discounts don’t lead to levying of any hidden charge.

#6 Will my car be fitted with manufacturer parts?

Whenever a vehicle is damaged, people tend to assume that the insurance company will pay for the parts that come from the car’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM). But in most cases repairs are carried out with aftermarket parts that usually fit all types of vehicles.
In India, insurance is reimbursed only to authorised garages that use genuine spares for repairs. In most cases outside body parts are entirely replaced instead of repairs.Make sure you get you repairs done with reputed and authorized garages.

#7 How many number of authorised garages?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your insurer. Renew your policy with the company which has the maximum number of garages attached, and preferably one close to your home.
A company with a lesser number of repair garages means less number of options for you to service your car.
Don’t commit blindly to discounts, and compare between insurers before committing to a policy. No matter better services cost higher.


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